Head office

Aindars Group SIA

33-1, Bruninieku Street,

Riga, LV - 1001, Latvija

E-mail: aindars.group@gmail.com


We offer our employees competitive terms of employment, encourage their development and enable them to effectively deploy their talents.

The Holding

Aindars Group is the head division of the same name European holding with divisions in the several European Union countries. Thought the head company of holding is young, other divisions and the Board of divisions are in business since 1991 and during that period have gained stable and positive reputation in EU.

Core activities

Food production and packing, manufacturing, agriculture and cleaning services are the main directions of the holding divisions activity. We develop in this branches and try to expand our presence in the European market. Already existence capacities are every time developed and updated.

Other activities

Our holding construction departments in the most of divisions are engaged in construction of apartment-buildings and private houses, finishing works, and also projection and technical supervision.
The real estate departments sale houses, flats, ground areas and ready business. Also we provide investments into real estate and ready business.